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Cinephile. Conversationalist by heart. Danny is a long time lover of movies, and he’ll tell you about it if you ask him. Maybe even if you don’t. While he’d probably deny it, he’s also the reason why That’s Dark exists. Seriously. His close friends wanted to exploit the way he connects emotionally to movies. Voila! Podcast born. Historically, you can find him somewhere on the periphery of extreme cinema. Terrified by the potential threat of unalterable post-traumatic effects and drawn in by a natural morbid curiosity, Danny’s read many a plot summary but never really watched extreme films. Now, all that’s changed. He’s the proud host of a podcast. And that podcast forces him to watch movies he never thought he’d watch. But his commentary on this show might have him rethinking his emotional susceptibility to extreme cinema.

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Devil’s advocate. A sound engineer by trade. David is the only extreme movie buddy you’d ever need. There hasn’t been a movie yet that he wouldn’t watch. It takes a lot for a film to shake David. So, when it happens, you know that film is probably pretty serious. Or maybe it strikes a nerve that perhaps only he possesses. Always an opponent for the sake of it, you can expect David to throw a metaphorical wrench into the conversation should the opportunity present iteslf. Resistant to rules, he scoffs at structure and organization. Though leave a dirty cup on this counter for too long and suddenly his world is filled with too much chaos. David’s not the type to tow the company line, even his own. But Danny and Pappy know that. So they plan ahead. 

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English professor. Overly competitive by nature. Pappy is a lifelong fan of both extreme cinema. And robust debate. In fact, people often confuse his conversational zeal for anger. To say he came up with an idea for a podcast would be inaccurate. He came up with a plan to entrap Danny into watching Martyrs. And that plan came in the form of a podcast. Pappy has always been fascinated with extreme movies, rarely refusing to watch something the first time David asks. Does he suffer from morbid curiosity? Yes. But extreme cinema also lets him think critically about something that’s difficult to explain. He’s imaginative enough to draw a connection between a B-movie and Plato. But he’s unaware of the 72 minutes he needs to explain it. Brevity isn’t one of his strengths. Apparently, neither is empathy. His friends are trying to make him better.