Gassed Up On Halloween – Haunted Places & Spaces

One of the best things about the Halloween season is trying to find a few haunted places to visit. And there’s no shortage of places to visit in the GTA.

Celebrating the birthday of a very dear friend of the podcast, Danny and Pappy made it to north London, On to check out the Black Donnelly’s house. The site of a mass murder in 1880, the Donnelly home has no shortage of creepy vibes. According to the home’s owner, Bob, there’s been a lot of paranormal activity over the years. And we can attest to the barn feeling like a place where you don’t want to spend too much time.

Rumour has it that Bob is ending his tours this year. So, we're lucky to have visited the house. But you can check out the link to get the skinny on the house and the violence that happened there – if you don’t already know about it


Gassed Up On Halloween – Best Scary Movies

Halloween night is fast approaching, and we’re stoked. In fact, you could say we’re pretty gassed up on it! And while we’re breathing deep on the festive fumes, we’re weighing in on our favourite horror movies. Extreme is not a prerequisite for this list – just classic scary movies. Here’s the list.



Talking classic flicks that do the job? Blue Velvet is the one. One of the best jams brought to you by David Lynch, BV has everything to make you squirm in the best and worst ways. You got lush, psychosexual imagery to make your skin crawl and Dennis Hopper freeing the beast. But it’s the darkness on the edge of town that gets me the most. A veiled threat slowly creeping in? Not for me in real life, definitely for me in scary movies. Lynch’s Blue Velvet gets the essential viewing nod from me.



When I think of horror movies, I think of one thing only – vampires. I love vampires. Whether Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Nosferatu or Interview with a Vampire, I really dig the mythology of these bloodsuckers. But my favourite? Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys. Facts are facts. This movie has all the damn vampires you need. Basically everyone in the film is or becomes a child of the night. And I appreciate that. Plus, there’s the sick as hell bridge hanging. I’ve watched my cousin do the same thing so every time I see The Lost Boys, I become lost in my own boyhood. And we all know the best part of this movie – Sax Man. ‘Nuff said.



For me, there’s only really one choice. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Aesthetically, this movie rips. When it’s financially viable for me to do so, I’m lining the interior of my home and car with the carpet from the Overlook Hotel. And yes, I mean the actual carpet from the movie. I’m going to purchase it. And who knows? Maybe I’ll make a suit out of it if there’s extra material. Let’s address the other obvious thing: Jack Nicholson kills it as Jack Torrance. Anybody else in the world (except for Daniel Day-Lewis) delivers the line, “Heeeere’s Johnny!” and I laugh. But Jack does it for me. Oh, and the elevator of blood is something I’ll remember for a long-ass time.

9 The Mike Diana Interview

In our first interview, we sit down with Mike Diana to discuss his recent documentary – Boiled Angels: The Trial of Mike Diana – and his unique story of art, the law and freedom of speech. Mike’s documentary is an essential watch. There are few screenings coming up. Please follow the link to find one near you.


5-7 Murder Set Pieces I, II & III Show Notes

Murder-Set-Pieces (2004)
Directed by: Nick Palumbo
Starring: Sven Garrett, Jade Risser, Valerie Baber
Produced by: Nick Palumbo

David and Pappy try to turn up the heat on Danny, but they’re all left somewhat speechless after watching Nick Palumbo’s Murder-Set-Pieces (2004) – for reasons they didn’t quite expect. They introduce the 3 Minute Drill plot summary; the conversation covers different forms of shock value, the role of empathy and they put the main character through a psychopath test. Hot Takes run high on this one.

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3-4 Martyrs I & II Show Notes

Martyrs (2009)
Directed By: Pascal Laugier
Starring: Mylene Jampanoi, Morjana Alaoui, Catherine Begin & Isabelle Chasse
Produced By: Richard Grandpierre

In episode two, Danny watches a movie that’s been a long time coming – Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs (2009). We start by compensating for last week’s plot summary faux-pas with a character sketch and a plot summary that is almost certainly too long. We talk about a number of subjects, including whether or not we’d mercy kill each other, PTSD and the basement beast. And after so many attempts, Pappy finally watches Martyrs with Danny.    

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1-2 Cutting Moments I & II Show Notes

Cutting Moments (1997)
Director: Douglas Buck
Starring: Nicca Ray, Gary Betsworth and Jared Barsky
Produced by: Douglas Buck

Danny, David and Pappy kick off That’s Dark with Douglas Buck’s Cutting Moments (1997). In the series opener, they forget to do a plot summary, make their way through some psychoanalysis and the male gaze while Danny spends half the episode denying and/or coming to terms with the truth about this movie. Spending a considerable amount of energy on trying to understand the film’s female perspective, they find themselves on the verge of being “Mindbucked.”

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Horror movie fans, extreme cinephiles and lovers of laughter and robust conversation, we’re excited to share the first two episodes of That’s Dark.

In episode one, we watch and discuss Douglas Buck’s Cutting Moments (1997). Tension builds thick in the lead up to the final 10 minutes, full of gore and toxic masculinity. And in episode two, we take in Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs (2009). Violence abounds in more ways than one in this French classic. We cover everything from traumatic basement beasts to existential questions, like the meaning of life. Check out all four parts here. Stay tuned for our Apple Podcast launch, coming shortly!

This is That’s Dark.