Beyond Horror Movies

That’s Dark is more than a podcast about scary movies. Sure, every episode starts with a film analysis, but we use horror movies to look at important issues, concerns and themes that are very real. So, That’s Dark is a cultural and philosophical podcast as well.

Horror movies, as a genre, might not accurately describe the films we watch. A lot of them have been described as “extreme cinema.” That’s a scary term! But that’s the point of our podcast – we’re looking for the wildest, most unnerving and scariest movies we can find.


David and Pappy have been life-long horror movie fans. They’ve challenged each other with gore and uncomfortable subject matter to see which of them would bend first. But they’ve yet to find the movie to really shake them. And now they’re beyond watching your standard horror movie. And the challenge of freaking each other out has gotten harder.

Enter Danny. Another close friend. Emotionally susceptible. Easily identifies with fictional characters. Trepidatious about certain horror movies. In other words, he’s the perfect friend for David and Pappy to challenge next.

But the only way Danny would actually watch this kind of movie? If they’re veiled under the guise of a podcast. And so, the That’s Dark was born.

But out of the friendly (and touch sadistic) competition has come a podcast that goes beyond horror movies. Empathy, the representation of women, laughter, fear and genre are just a few of the subjects brought up by these films.

That’s Dark’s is where cinema, culture and philosophy meet. A podcast where gore and thoughtful conversation converge – where shock and laughter mix together.

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